Set The Tone
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brands find
their voice.

What makes you different?

A simple question. But one many of us struggle to answer for our brands. At Set the Tone, we are genuinely curious. And excited to help you find the words.

Passionate Individualists

We’ll uncover your purpose, exploring what it is that makes you, and your brand, so unique.

Character Builders

We’ll develop your character and help you build a truly authentic brand, that connects.

Tone Of Voice Specialists

We’ll empower you, and your team, to speak consistently in a single united voice.

Feeling confused?
Talk to us…

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what your problem is. And who to turn to for help. Start unravelling the answer with us.

Our favourite creations

Meet some of the characters, individuals and brands whose stories we’ve been fortunate to be part of shaping.

Get In Touch

Start setting the right tone for your brand conversations, by giving us a call or dropping us an email.

Character Notes

Inspiring characters. Quirky executions. And curious insights. This is a space where we share our wanderings and ponderings…