MediGlow – Skin and Laser Clinic

MediGlow is an exciting and hugely successful skincare clinic in Cork.

During lockdowns, like every other clinic, they had to shut their doors and stop seeing clients. But unlike other clinics, they used this as an opportunity to innovate, expand and grow.

They developed and launched an online shop, and began doing virtual skin consultations, to ensure their clients continued to get expert tailored skincare advice and support during the crisis. MediGlow were one of those rare lockdown success stories in their industry.

And when the time came on the 10th May 2021 to reopen the doors of their 2 treatment room clinic on the Well Road to clients in person again, it was only temporarily. Because in the pipeline, was a massive expansion and move to a new state-of-the-art 12 treatment room premises.

An expert ear

So, where did Set the Tone come in? If you’re thinking that it sounds like MediGlow were doing absolutely fine by themselves. Better than fine. You’d be right.

They were. Sinead, the owner and founder, had a clear vision and plan. And had a great team and some great suppliers supporting her.

But there was so much going on.

So many decisions to make and so many different things and people in the mix. Everything was coming back to her – all decisions were resting on her shoulders. She needed someone she could trust, to sound it all out with.

And that’s what we were able to offer through our 1-to-1 brand therapy sessions.

Seeing the wood from the trees

There were so many moving pieces with the planned expansion. Everything they were doing needed to go up a level.

More staff, more equipment, more stock, more training – and more investment in marketing.

She had lots of different suppliers, looking after lots of different aspects of her marketing. And through our sessions, the key thing Sinead wanted was to get more clarity on who was doing what, to make sure that nothing was being overlooked or doubled up on.

To get it all out of her head and down onto paper, so she could have a clear, complete view of the plan on a page.

Support when needed

It can be difficult being a business owner. You are solely responsible for so many livelihoods and decisions. As well as getting an expert opinion on where your brand and business is going, from time to time. Our 1-to-1 sessions are also there as a back-up for you.

Having someone I can turn to when I need to talk out something going on with the business is such a relief. Someone who is an expert in branding and can help me get my plans straight in my own head.

– Sinead, CEO MediGlow.

Whatever the problem you’re having or decision you’re trying to weigh up – you can speak with us about it in confidence.

If your business is going through a period of change and you’d like to talk through any aspect of it, we’re here. Just click to book a 1-to-1 session with Set the Tone founder Cath.

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