Ted Murphy Photography

Ted Murphy is an incredible visual storyteller, most renowned for his wedding photography.

But he wanted to start telling his story in words too. To better showcase what he has to offer. And to encourage newly engaged couples to reach out for help when planning their wedding days.

So he got in touch with us at Set The Tone. Living in the same area, we’ve known of Ted for a long time and are big fans of his work so were delighted to help.

We started by having a session with Ted where we really tried to understand what his story was. What was it he offered clients? What was it about him and his service that was unique and offered a real point of difference for couples?

We identified three key things that really set Ted apart, around which we built his content strategy for his blog. And we gave him the tools to start telling his story, around each of these pillars.

1. Quality

The first thing that strikes you about Ted is the quality of his wedding photographs. They speak for themselves. He captures stunning moments and portraits of people on the most important day of their lives.

And from hearing from some of his clients – the testimonials and heartfelt thank-yous they’d shared – it was clear that this word quality was something that extended beyond the images. It extended to all aspects of the experience of dealing with Ted.

The quality of his service. And his absolute professionalism.

“I am Laura’s father and I just want to thank you for the fantastic job you did photographing her and Brendan’s wedding. It was clear the day of the wedding that you are a true professional and now that we see the photographs it is even more evident.”

– Robert Bartholomew.

So, we encouraged Ted to let his work and his clients do some of the talking – sharing the kind words from couples he’s worked with along with some favourite images of their day.

Laura and Brendan next to a vintage tractor – by Ted Murphy Photography

2. Experience

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to work with Set the Tone before, we reached out to a handful of our clients to ask if they’d share a few words on what the experience was like for them.

Ted shot his first wedding when he was only 21 years of age, for a friend who was getting married in the Royal Cork Yacht Club. And has never looked back since.

Two decades and hundreds of weddings later, it’s Ted’s experience that really shines through.

With Ted, you book a wedding photographer and almost get a free wedding planner thrown in. He knows every venue and location in the Cork and Kerry area, like the back of his hand.

He understands timings and how critically important it is to keep things moving and keep the hotel and other suppliers informed.

And he is unflappable. This amazing calming presence on peoples’ special days – that knows just the right thing to say to put everyone at ease.

So we encouraged Ted to share some of his insights and experience, with a series of venue focused blogs, that could help inspire couples around photography options at some of Cork and Kerry’s top locations.

A shot of a newly wed couple walking along the RCYC marina, shot by Ted Murphy.
Newly wed couple walk along the Royal Cork Yacht Club Marina – by Ted Murphy Photography.
3. Passion

And lastly, what really shone through in our conversations with Ted is his passion for his craft and what he does.

He loves photographing people and capturing their special moments. He loves colour, texture and lighting. And adores seascapes.

Through his lens, he tells powerful day-in-the-life visual stories – be they of wedding days, the ever-changing Cork Harbour or behind the scenes of local businesses.

So finally, we encouraged him to share that passion with a few more in-depth blogs from time to time. And fittingly, he started by sharing a behind-the-scenes look at his own life – a candid account of what a day-in-the-life of a wedding photographer was really like (albeit 2020 style).

And why he would never want to do anything else.

Ted Murphy shines a spot light on love in this beautiful Ballinacurra House wedding shot.
A spotlight on love at Ballinacurra House, Kinsale – by Ted Murphy Photography
Get your story straight…

It can be hard to tell our own stories – it can be hard to decide what to focus on or to get the tone right. And the thing we find most often is that it can feel quite uncomfortable for people to talk themselves up. They don’t want to be seen to be ‘blowing their own trumpet’. We’re a humble nation.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of an outside perspective.

We can not only help you get your story and content strategy straight, but we’ll do it in a way that feels authentically you. Nothing you’d ever feel cringey about or uncomfortable re-reading.

If you’d like some help finding your brand voice or getting your story straight – just get in touch? We’d love to chat.

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