Setting the brand wheel in motion

The world and environment in which we operate has changed. Has your position on the brand wheel too?

Very few brands haven’t been impacted in some way by the pandemic and lockdowns. Some have struggled, others have thrived and nearly all have had to adapt.

But it’s not just you. Your customers’ worlds and lives have changed too. And what they need from you may have shifted.

Which is why now maybe one of the best times to step back and really look at who you serve. And what you are uniquely offering them.

Who knows? It could be just the right time for you to set the brand wheel in motion and reposition yourself.

Where do you start?

Where to start is easy – with your customer. Always. You need to empathise with them. Put yourself in their shoes and understand their perspective.

But people have differing views of what empathy is. And don’t always find it easy to practice.

At Set the Tone, we love Teresa Wiseman’s explanation of empathy and its four key elements. Try and see their world and look at things from their point of view. Appreciate who they are as people, avoiding any judgment. Understand their feelings. And finally, communicate that understanding to them.

Make them feel seen and heard.

Teresa Wiseman’s elements of empathy
When you understand need…

When you understand your customers core need, you can understand who it is they need you to be. What role it is you play in their life and what you uniquely offer them.

There are 12 key characters, each of which meet a core need when you work your way out on the brand wheel.

These character archetypes, first identified by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, are recurring motifs through all storytelling. They are the opposite of stereotypes in that they transcend culture and time. We instantly connect with and understand these characters – the hero, the rebel, the caregiver or the lover.

And when brands build their personality around these characters, and the right customer need, the results are profound. Because not only do customers immediately get who you are and what you’re about. So do your employees. And it allows everyone, consistently communicate on behalf of your brand in a meaningful way.

Set the Tone – Archetype Brand Wheel
Slightly character obsessed…

Here at Set the Tone, we’re slightly character obsessed. So if you’re having trouble figuring out which character on the brand wheel fits you, don’t worry.

From Rebels to Jesters, we’ll be deep diving into each of the brand archetypes and looking at the opportunities and challenges each provide. Just keep an eye out on this page, for lots more insights and food for thought.

If you’ve any questions about archetypes or want 1-to-1 help with developing your brand’s character – just get in touch? We’d love to chat.

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