Our Backstory

Meet founder of Set the Tone, Cath…

Hi! I’m Cath.

A passionate individualist, character builder and tone of voice specialist.

And the proud founder of Set the Tone.

When asked about what I do, something that always springs to mind, is the quote…

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

Albert Einstein.

And in a nutshell, that’s what I offer.

Passionate curiosity. Curiosity that won’t be sated until I’ve found that nugget of insight into who you are and have helped you uncover your unique brand voice.

You see, I love character. And characters.

  • I love old houses. Second-hand stores. Curiosity shops. And attics. I love unexpected moments. Heartfelt stories. And people who dance to their own beat.
  • I also love purple hair (I don’t have it). Tattoos. And handknitted scarfs.

I can’t be away from the sea. If I go too far inland, I start to feel claustrophobic. I don’t need to get in it. In fact, I actively avoid it most of the time. But I do need to see it. Every day.

  • Most of all I love puzzles. And problems.
  • I love getting a whole disjointed, unconnected, pile of information. And sorting through it for clues. Looking for the pattern. The solution.

I used to be a trainee auditor (gasp!). Amongst many things. But I won’t bore you with the full list.

Because Set the Tone is not about me and my backstory – it is about you and yours. I’m here to listen. To learn. And to help you sort through all the confusion and mixed messaging, to find your brand’s voice.

I love helping people. And seeing them succeed.

I live to find the right words. Not the most eloquent ones. Or even the most grammatically correct. But the ones you need.

Take the first step on your journey today…

Our Creative Collaborators

As well as working with individual brands, Set the Tone also collaborates with other creatives and agencies to help their clients find their voices and better tell their stories…

If you’re interested in teaming up with us, we’d love to chat

Character References

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to work with Set the Tone before, we reached out to a handful of our clients to ask if they’d share a few words on what the experience was like for them.